Chris "Wonder" Schoeck - With exceptional stage presence and charm, Chris captivates audiences with power, energy and finesse. A show guaranteed to leave audiences wondering how “Wonder” achieved such amazing strength.

Chris "Haircules" Rider - Professional strongman performer/entertainer, motivational speaker, personal trainer/strength coach. Family friendly entertainment suitable for a wide range of venues.

Hand Bent Designs, LLC - Original works of art from the hands of professional strongman Chris "Hairculese" Rider, specializing in wine racks & abstracts formed from 20' steel bars. Original sculptures and limited edition prints. Unique gifts and collectables.

Dennis Rogers - Dennis is a Grandmaster Strongman, who travels the world performing incredible feats of strength.

The Mighty Atom - Legendary oldetime strongman.

Slim the Hammerman - Student of The Mighty Atom and living legend.

Adam RealMan - Adam is New York's premier sideshow entertainer and master of ceremonies. He swallows swords, eats fire, chews on razor blades and performs feats of strength.

Mike The Barber - Mike's "Ragged Phonograph" radio show airs every Friday from 8am-10am on East Village Radio in Manhattan.

Juliet Jeske - Multi-talented performer.


Dave Carroll - Writer, director, cinematographer and owner of Suspect Films a production company based out of New York City.

Ryan Scafuro - NYC based producer, director, and award winning cinematographer specializing in commercial, documentary, and narrative film.

John Hoyt - Feature film and commercial editor based out of Los Angeles.

The Ahearne Law Firm, PLLC - A boutique law firm with offices in the historic village of Warwick, N.Y. and midtown Manhattan, New York City.

Fernando Martinez - NYC based musician and composer.

Hanging Moon Studios - Hanging Moon is a music and audio production, mix & master facility located in the Greenpoint neighborhood of Brooklyn. It is operated by Kia Eshghi, a New York native record producer , audio engineer, and musician.

Alphanumeric Sound - NYC audio studio founded by R. Hollis Smith, post audio mix, sound design, and foley artist. Re-recording mixer and sound editor.

Richard Ballard Photography - New York based fashion, beauty & portrait photographer.

Logan Hodson - Photographer and cinematographer based out of NYC.

Jason Crawford - Drummer, percussionist, collaborative music production.

Jenny Olbrich - Web, Print, Awesome.